RapidSite Technology

RapidSite is the world's largest and most experienced Web hosting entity. We've integrated millions of dollars worth of Internet technology into a world-class data center to provide the most reliable, powerful, and convenient Internet services possible. Our success is reflected in the fact that RapidSite hosts more Web sites than any other company on Earth; currently over 100,000 sites!

Take a look at what makes RapidSite the world's number one choice for Web hosting:

tour_bluelake.jpg (5860 bytes) MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR FACILITIES
RapidSite's U.S.-based facilities occupy over 70,000 square feet in the Blue Lake Corporate Center in Boca Raton, Florida. We've invested millions of dollars creating a world-class data center that provides our customers with unmatched performance, reliability, and convenience.
tour_foundation.jpg (4815 bytes) BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP
Our data center was designed from the ground up for maximum reliability. We built a small fortress within a fortress by building a concrete reinforced data center within our concrete reinforced corporate headquarters building.
tour_security.jpg (3315 bytes) HIGH SECURITY
Our high security facilities are accessible by authorized personnel only. Access to the building requires electronic ID badges. Access to our data center is limited to top security personnel via electronic palm scanners.
tour_serverracks.jpg (5644 bytes) ROOM FOR GROWTH
Our data center contains four autonomous server rooms, each of which can satisfy the hosting needs of over one million Web sites! No other hosting provider can match our infrastructure and scalability.
tour_power.jpg (3006 bytes) CONDITIONED POWER
All our equipment receives conditioned power to protect from damaging voltage spikes, brown-outs, and electromagnetic noise. Even during damaging lightning storms, our servers receive a steady, clean source of power. Backup power generators will automatically supply emergency power in the event of a total power outage.
tour_firesupression.jpg (4638 bytes) FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS
Our state-of-the-art fire protection systems include water sprinklers throughout the building and advanced FM200 fire suppression systems in our data center with a dry pipe back-up sprinkler system. Concrete walls, floor, and ceiling further protect our data center in the event of a fire.
tour_ac.jpg (5708 bytes) INDUSTRIAL COOLING SYSTEMS
Servers generate quite a bit of heat which is why we have four redundant commercial grade Liebert air conditioning units in each server room. Cool temperatures allow our servers to operate at peak efficiency with enhanced reliability.
tour_connectivity.jpg (3534 bytes) HIGH SPEED CONNECTIVITY
A single T3 connection is more than enough bandwidth for most hosting providers. RapidSite's data center is connected to the Internet through 2 OC-3's,  3 DS-3's and multiple OC-12's. All connectivity is provided via Verio's tier one backbone.
tour_servers.jpg (5892 bytes) POWERFUL SERVERS
Customer Web sites are hosted on multi-processor Silicon Graphics Origin 200 servers for unmatched speed and reliability. Each server is loaded with 256 to 512 MB of RAM, fast Cheetah hard drives and networked together with Foundry Networks Gigabit Ethernet Switches.
tour_storagetek.jpg (3848 bytes) BACKUP SYSTEMS
All customer data is backed up daily to our StorageTek 40 terabyte robotic archival storage system. In the event of a hard drive crash, we can install a new hard drive from our reserve supply while the server is still powered and running and restore the drive content from the tape backup.

RapidSite makes this technology available to the world market through a network of over 3,500 independent value-added resellers.