New Equipment

  What speed should my new computer be? 

What size monitor is necessary for my application?

What type of printer, and how many do I need?

How many computers do I really need?

Do I need a LAN system?

Do I need an ISDN line?

Is a DSL or ADSL line good for my application?  Can I get it?

These are but a few of the questions that must be considered before purchasing your computer system.  ASD-WebTec has the answers.  We have been consulting companies of all types and sizes, solving countless problems and challenges in the computer industry for over 25 years.

ASD-WebTec will custom design and build a computer system to your specifications.  Our services include sourcing, system integration, testing, burn-in and on-site installation, web design and hosting.

Every computer must meet our criteria for speed, quality of construction and durability.  All computers are tested thoroughly before they are delivered and installed.  We also include some special utility programs at no extra cost to you.  All computers are capable of operating stand-alone, or networked, depending on your company's needs.

The software that will be used by you or your company is pre-installed by our program specialists so you or your people can start their operations with ease.  Should there ever be a question or problem, you will receive immediate attention.  You won't have to wait for hours on the telephone to speak with a human.

With ASD-WebTec, you will always get the most computer for your money.


'Good Solutions For Your Business'

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